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Tsunagari Taiko
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Taiko Group


Founded in May 2011 by Ayuko YONEMURA and Cola BONNAN, Tsunagari Taiko performs in France and abroad.

The group’s purpose is to convey the most happiness and energy possible in order to enrich the audience’s hearts.

In order to do that, members of the group work on many details - from their technique, to the musicality of the songs, as well as on their inner management skills to experience the greatest energy of enjoyment.

The members

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The Tsunagari Taiko group gathers the founders (Ayuko and Cola) and also a selection of qualified and trained students. Before performing on stage, they have developed inner management qualities, techniques, and energies enabling them to provide a quality show.
All the members constantly work on improving their skills and behaviors.

The show Hajimari

Invite your audience to our show HAJIMARI (commencement), a journey toward the origins of joy and life in Japanese culture.

Reviews from our public
« I was moved to the heart »
« I felt vitality, and joy of being together »
« It is at the same time profound, dynamic, and light... What a pleasure! »
« A beautiful trip that is hard to forget »

With a duration that balances from 1h10 to 1h30 beside interlude, this creation will make you fall into Japanese mythology, from the origins of life, celebration, and joy, with Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess.
Hajimari is using Taiko, traditional Japanese drums with powerful and rich sounds, Awa Odori, a traditional street dance, light and vivifying, the Shinobue, a Japanese bamboo flute, and most importantly a lot of life and sharing with the audience.

This creation is vibrant on stage, ideally in a theater (50 to +1000 ), and is accompanied with a light effect assistant.
During the organisation, we will provide you with a technical sheet and our scene plan.

- We work all around France and abroad.

  • Please contact us for details.
    • French, English and Japanese: +33 9 81 63 08 93
    • or by email.


Tsunagari Taiko is offering performances mixing two popular Japanese arts both traditional and modern.
Taiko (Japanese drums) and Awa Odori (Japanese dance).

We play on various opportunities.
- Company events, festivals, ceremonies, salons, private events, theater, etc.

Our animations

- Performances from 3 to 25 minutes.
- Open workshops for audience, 15 minutes.
- Conferences.
- Outdoors and indoors.
- Between 1 and 5 artists according to the needs.

Our concerts

- Performances from 30 to 45 min.
- Outdoors and indoors.
- Between 3 and 5 artists according to the needs.

- We work all around France and abroad.

  • Please contact us for details.
    • French, English and Japanese: +33 9 81 63 08 93
    • or by email

A few examples of our past events

  • Cultural performances
    • Performances related to Japan.
    • Museum events (concerts and workshops).
    • Post-concert workshops for children.
    • Orchestra performance (250 ppl) at the Zénith in Paris with Joe Hisashi
  • Company events
    • Opening ceremonies for shops
    • Opening ceremonies for flight companies
  • Education
    • Kindergarden workshops
    • Visits of our studios
  • Helping people
    • Hospital concerts and workshops for seniors and elderly people as well as children.
    • Performances for disabled people.
    • Charity concerts after Fukushima.

A few of our customers:

Agence Instant Prestige,
ANA (All Nippon Airways),
Congrès et Expositions de Bordeaux,
Département de l’Essonne,
Editions Tonkam,
Enagic Europe,
Féfération Française de Judo,
Loréal Luxe,
Mairie d’Anières,
Mairie de Paris, Mairie du 19e,
Mairie de La Celle-Saint-Cloud,
MJC Mercœur Paris 11,
Musée Fougita,
Musée des Arts et Métiers,
Open Event
Parc oriental de Maulévrier
Toei Animation,
Ukraine Japan Center (Japan Foundation)
and many more.

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