Concert Taiko et danse japonaise à la Japan Expo 2012 bon odori Tokyo Concert Taiko et danse japonaise à la Japan Expo 2012 Awa Odori Tokyo Mitaka
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Mime artist and musician of Japanese origin, I am passionate about art and children.

I practice Japanese drumming, dance Awa (popular Japanese traditional dance) and Thai massage.

I have a great interest in body language and voice, and I am a NON-VERBAL communication researcher.

Today, I see that we are in an attitude of intellectualization-oriented material. We forget that our spirit is also evident through our bodies, as non-verbal communication.

My goal in the transmission of dance and music is to move towards a coherent mind and body to generate joy!

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For example, I say that I’m fine, but my body language completely folded in half, back and head down. It means I’m not consistent with my mind and body.

With the work centering and momentum, the body and mind are getting married in a good momentum which will then give joy to others.


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  • Tsunagari Taiko Center 11 juin 2011 © Mika Shiozawa

After discovering the Taiko in 1999 during a stay in Japan, I started learning it in 2004, with a former member of the first professional Taiko group in history :Oedo Sukeroku Taiko.

Over the seven years of training that followed, I had the opportunity to perform on stage with my teacher for more than three years.

We have created a Taiko band and a NGO that could develop the professional activities of my teacher.

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  • Tsunagari Taiko Center 11 juin 2011 © Mika Shiozawa

Throughout this journey I have experienced the pleasure of creating joy in the heart of the audience, and lived intensely this path of advanced practice of Taiko.

In 2011, I left teaching as well as my professor’s Taiko group and NGO in order to create the Tsunagari Taiko Center. It addresses the need to develop my way and get even more consistent in the creation of joy in creating a quality experience at the highest level for students, spectators, partners, etc..

Creating the Tsunagari Taiko Center is also working in the complementary strengths and approaches of each person and partner.

Today, Taiko is for me a tool for a valuable creation in the world.

It is about creating a better tomorrow, and it starts with the quality of living for everyone.

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