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3 sounds of taiko to move now for the planet!

2018 June 2nd, 1 pm !

Eg : 1 PM in Japan, 1 PM in California, 1 PM in Germany…


Dear Taiko colleague, we hope that you live great experiences around this extraordinary art.

From 2nd to 10th June 2018 will be held the fifth edition of the Planetary Week for a Better World. A week that encourages people to create positive initiatives for himself, his family, colleagues, his professional structure, and his environment.

To go further in the spread to the 7 billion people of this call to stand up for a better world, we are pleased to announce the project Wake-Up Drums.
The subject is to play 3 sounds of taiko all around the world to invite everyone to act now through positive itiniatives.
Act to create sunny smiles and faces all around the world.

This is a project that calls the participation of all Taiko groups around the world, in as many countries as possible.

On June 2nd, at 1 PM in your country, you will play three hitotsu uchi.
3 sounds played at 100% of your energy and your power.
Three sounds to wake up the world.

We invite you to participate and set this up in your city, your country.
The more we you be, and the strongest the message wil be listen.

A Facebook page allows anyone to publish immediately the result of the event in videos and create a global chain of 24 hours non-stop videos.
The local and national media are invited to relay heavily on this event.

Thus, the Taiko, relayed all around the world, will be a major contributor to a better world, respectful of everyone and the environment.
This instrument, from a religious origins, may also be known more as an instrument wich brings life, hope, 100% commitment and meaning for humanity.

If this project makes you want to act, you are welcome.

We invite you to access the guide and the methodology provided on this page.


Intervention methodology for Wake-Up Drums

Before June 2nd:

  • 1: Confirm your participation to Tsunagari Taiko Center, .
  • 2: Share with other groups Taiko your knowledge and assist them to get involved too.
  • 3: Find a public place and obtain the necessary permits for a public event on June 4th at 1PM
  • 4: Communicate heavily with local and national media, TV channels, radio, newspapers
  • 5: Share around you and your friends

On June 2nd:

  • 12:50 PM: introduce the event to communicate its meaning and invite viewers to join the energy created by the three sounds.
  • 1 PM: 3 hitotsu Uchi (3 big sounds)
  • 1:05 PM: Beginning of a concert at your convenience (10 min to 1 h or more)
  • As soon as possible, publish on the facebook page the video made for 3 sounds.
    Be aware to publish it as public and NOT friends only !!

After June 2nd:

  • share with those around you and your friends, pass on the videos on youtube FaceBook etc..

Important Details

  1. The three uchi hitotsu will be played at 1 pm local time.
    Eg : 1 PM in Japan, 1 PM in California, 1 PM in Germany, etc..

  2. About the 3 hitotsu uchi
    Don ...... (5 to 10 seconds of silence)
    Don ...... (5 to 10 seconds of silence)
    Don ...... (5 to 10 seconds of silence)

  3. Wherever you are, you can participate.
    In rehearsal, in concert, while traveling.
    If your heart share the meaning of this action, any place is fine.

    It is important to have some public, but not absolutely essential.
    - If you have an audience, it will be important to present and share the full extent of this action and invite everyone to take some positive actions, according to his possibility, to himself, his family, his colleagues or his environment.

  4. Communicate!
    We provide a Facebook page on which we ask you to post your video.
    - Do not hesitate, in this video, you speak about your initiatives, and share your feelings.
    - Thank you to share online within the hour after the 3 Don.
    For this we suggest you to shoot with a smartphone (iPhone & Co) to spread rapidly. This will participate to the wave effect and allow everyone to experience almost immediate responses from participants.
    - To achieve a quality in the communication, it is also desirable that you shot with professional or semi-pro equipment (DSLR, zoom recorder for example). You will send us these media and we will make a movie of it, tracing the actions of everyone, promoting this action for the next year, and promoting taiko in general.

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