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Tsunagari Taiko
Tsunagari Taiko Center 41 rue Popincourt 75011 Paris IDF
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Two groups are to be discovered at our Center:
Tsunagari Taiko and Tsunagari Ren

Tsunagari Taiko

Professional Taiko group based in Paris.

Founded after 7 years of training with the best Japanese masters, the group is developping its balance between strenghth and flexibility, power and elegance – all of this following a vision of individual and collective vitality.

Tsunagari Taiko offers two types of services:
  • The HAJIMARI show (beginnings) lasting from 1h25 to 1h45 with entracte.
    This creation fits perfectly well in a theatre and brings the audience into an intense and vibrant world of enchantment.
  • The shows and concerts vary in time from 5 to 45 minutes. They can be adapted to your needs, whether the show is created for a cultural event, an opening ceremony for a shop, a company’s anniversary, a wedding, and so on.

Tsunagari Ren

The first and unique group of Awa Odori in France.

Consisting of up to 10 people, Tsunagari Ren is inviting you to regain dynamics of joy found in local festivals.
Of an international dimension, Tsunagari Ren will delight you with elegance and aeriality drawn from it.

Tsunagari means «link» in Japanese.

For our group, it is the link between cultures and the people. It is also a commitment to deploy a practice unifying the person. A practice that creates a reconnection with the body, the heart, the mind, and creativity. A reconnection that is source for daily joy and vitality. That is what we offer to the audience through concerts, and also workshops – giving the opportunity for each and everyone to try Taiko and Awa dance.

Instruments and costumes

- The two groups perform exclusively and without exception on instruments of the highest quality, coming from one of the best instrument makers of Japan. Drums are made of Keyaki (Caucasian elm) hollowed out trunks, on which naturally tanned skins are tightenned. This technique enables our audience to receive a profound sound that is rich and resonant to bodies and hearts. As an example, our instruments are 20 times more expensive than copies made of tender wood boards.
- We play in traditional costumes. In order to be worn with accuracy, they require several months of learning. Far from being simple dressing-up clothes, wearing them already requires an understanding of the spirit of Taiko or Awa Odori.

1 concert = 1 planted tree

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Tsunagari Taiko is also contributing to the development of life elsewhere in the world.
- Planted trees allow life to grow back in villages – in France and elsewhere – thus stimulating youth to spread where they have roots.
- In partnership with the Forest&Life movement

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Plan d'accès- La Boutique Tsunagari vous accueille du mardi au vendredi de 12h30 à 18h30 et le samedi de 12h30 à 20h
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