Concert Taiko et danse japonaise à la Japan Expo 2012 bon odori Tokyo Concert Taiko et danse japonaise à la Japan Expo 2012 Awa Odori Tokyo Mitaka
Tsunagari Taiko
Tsunagari Taiko Center 41 rue Popincourt 75011 Paris IDF
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Our Vision
In our classes, each student is invited not only to connect with his/her life energy and to relax muscles, but also to observe eventual tensions in the playing movement. A tense body or breathing, coming from psychological stress like fears or wills, can indeeed limit the access to energy and relaxation.
With time and a growing subtle perception, the body can find its balance with gesture, and the student can achieve an autonomy and freedom in playing. This freedom of the moment gives rise to a joy that is lived and shared at all levels – for oneself, with other players, with the audience, and eventually everywhere – at each moment of life.

We can give workshops in foreign countries.
Please contact us if you would like to get the specific approach we’ve built.

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  • Tsunagari Taiko performing at Living School

Practicing Taiko

- Courses and workshops allow everyone to have fun while practicing a meaningful activity which is physical, dynamic, musical and creative.

Courses are aimed at everyone and focus on these points:

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- Firstly, having fun and developing happiness in daily life,

- Developing balance and energy,

- Learning about music and rhythm,

- Developing a self-confidence and listening to others in order to create the Kumi - Daiko.


Plan d'accès- La Boutique Tsunagari vous accueille du mardi au vendredi de 12h30 à 18h30 et le samedi de 12h30 à 20h
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