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Replanting trees in order to develop social links and the access to fundamental needs for human beings.

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For each concert realized, Tsunagari Taiko Center supports the Forest&Life movement, founded by the Kinomé company.
Our sponsorship certificates: We have already contributed to plant more than 80 trees, enabling local people to grow an economical activity in their villages.

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We are using instruments made of trees that are more than 150 year olds.
It is clear that our manufacturer uses ressources from his own forests and plants trees back after cutting them down.
However, is that enough?

As actors of a vitality development, it seems natural for us to contribute as widely as possible, with the support of a movement such as Forest&Life.

We participate financially in movements of reforestation in the French Landes (following the 2009 storms) as well as in Peru, in order to fight against desertification and to enable villagers to ensure the continued existence of their local activity.

Forest&Life is a global movement of restauration of the forest ecosystems.
It unites projects of reforestation and existing forests’ protection supported by villagers from all around the world, and accompanied by NGOs strongly established at local levels.

Trees are vectors of development in villages where they are planted.

Trees are chosen by villagers according to immediate and positive benefits on their daily life, as it is them only who know which trees they need to live on – bushes as field fences to prevent animals from eating harvests, trees that grow rapidly to supply homes with firewood, fruit trees to improve their diet and their income as soon as 3 or 5 years, rare trees used in past traditional medicine, trees along roads or near homes to bring shadow or enlighten...

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  • Team ensuring the forest’s Natural Assisted Regeneration in North Peru

Villagers are then trained and accompanied to harvest and highlight the tree products. Trees planted then produce an income, contributing to a healthy diet for families, and are participating in creating social links by supporting the creation of producers groups – especially women groups.

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