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Wake Up Drums !
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Next dates: 2018 June 2nd !

Previous years: 2013, 2014, 2015: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, UK, USA and more...

more than 15 countries, 4 continents ! The Taiko chain exists!

- If you’d like to participate, it’s here

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Video of Wake Up Drums !


At the launch of the fourth edition of the Planetary Week for a Better World (PWBW) on June 2nd 2018, Japanese drum (Taiko) groups around the world will play three different sounds.
3 sounds to invite each of the 7 billion people to take positive steps and actions for themselves, their family, friends, colleagues.
On June 2nd 2018, at 1 PM local time in each participating country three sounds will resonate.
3 sounds to awaken humanity to the need of acting now.

On June 2nd 2018 at 1 PM, Tsunagari Taiko Center, will make their drums resonate with 3 sounds, followed by a concert for the public on site.

The three sounds will be broadcasted live by all available means at a national level (radio, TV news), and on Internet where a web page will bring together all the actions of Japanese drum groups over the world.

A strong media coverage to touch everyone, and thus awaken the need for action, where we are, at a personal and professional level.

An act according to every one’s abilities, yourself, your family, the others, the planet.

This initiative, which contributes to the Planetary week for a better world (SPMM), is launched by Tsunagari Taiko Center, a Japanese drums and dance school in Paris.

What is the PWBW

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The Planetary Week for a Better World is an annual project of unprecedented scope, a challenge of planetary scale that takes place on all continents. In 2018, it will be held from June 2nd to 10th.

Over the course of the week, all organizations, companies, local governments, the education and health sectors, as well as all citizens, are invited to take initiatives and decisions to foster greater quality of life for everyone on the planet.
The goal is to fulfill and respect the basic and fundamental needs of all human beings.

These ethical principles involve simultaneously taking the following needs into account, without hierarchizing them: Access to healthcare for all, safety, balance and well-being for all, personal respect, being inclusive rather than exclusive, access to knowledge, seeking fulfillment and being able to create a meaningful project.

Who is Tsunagari Taiko Center

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Tsunagari Taiko Center is a Parisian school of Japanese drum (taiko) and dance, whose approach allows everyone to develop its vitality and wellness.
In Japan, these arts are an expression of the life force of the people, who, in moments of difficulty after the war, for example, took off. They give the courage to change things and move towards a better world.

The two founders of Tsunagari Taiko Center, Cola and Ayuko Bonnan, wish, through the Japanese folk art, offering an experience of life, joy and sharing.
They believe that today, given the realities, such as stress, depression and increasing disease, environment problems, it is important to offer to each one to develop its vitality and "YES" for life, and thus create better conditions for themselves and also for others.

For more information or to interview Cola and Ayuko Bonnan, founders and teachers at Tsunagari Taiko Center and organizers of the event "WAKE UP DRUMS":

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