Concert Taiko et danse japonaise à la Japan Expo 2012 bon odori Tokyo Concert Taiko et danse japonaise à la Japan Expo 2012 Awa Odori Tokyo Mitaka
Tsunagari Taiko
Tsunagari Taiko Center 41 rue Popincourt 75011 Paris IDF
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Who we are
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Who we are


Tsunagari Taiko Center is at first a Taiko and Awa odori group. We love these art forms and the joy we can share with it.
Since our beginning, we play on Miyamoto Unosuke instruments and love the sound and feeling they give to the audience.

- The taiko art form need players, teachers and instruments.
If people are willing to learn with integrity and If both teachers and instruments are great, it’s mutch easyer to grow to a great art form.
In europe, there are lots of nice teachers. But in France, very few since Taiko is very new there (Only 1 schools with weekly classes when we started in 2011).

- So we opend a school to train people on how to grow and share joy, happiness, quietness and verticality, with Taiko and Awa Odori.
Now our school is near 100 students and there are lots of beautiful results and deep smiles.
- Then, we opened the very first Taiko shop offering Miyamoto Unosuke quality in Europe.
Our expectation is to help the european Taiko community to get great drums so the Taiko art form can continue to grow towards a great global quality.
- If you come to Paris, you can even try them in our shop and dojo. It’s open from Tuesday to Saturday, 12:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Also, since we deal with customs, taxes and all theses boring stuff, it’s now very easy for you to buy a great Taiko made in Tokyo, and offering the Japanese original sound to your audience.

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Classes place
12 bis rue Froment, 75011
Subway station Breguet-Sabin, Chemin-Vert, Voltaire, Bastille.

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