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  • Taiko Do

    As many other japanese arts, the taiko can also be considered as a way of personnal evolution, a way of becomming better every day. For us, this aspect is an important part of the Taiko practice

  • Bachi

    General term for drum sticks

  • Bon Odori

    Fête O-bon durant 3 jours début aout en l’honneur des ancêtres que l’on accueille à la maison lors de ce festival boud’hique.

    C’est l’occasion pour les familles de se retrouver à la maison familiale et d’installer les défunts dans un petit temple créé dans une pièce de la maison.

    Un moment de partages, joyeux (on peut enfin passer 1 semaine avec l’arrière grand père !) qui honore les liens et la vie.

  • Daiko

    Suffix used to indicate a type of drum, a taiko group, or a style of taiko.

  • Fuchi

    The rim of the drum, where the "ka" note is played.

  • Hara

    Point d’équilibre du corps qui se situe environ 3 cm sous le nombril, il est considéré par les japonais comme notre océan d’énergie, la base de notre maison, là ou nous puisons notre force.

  • Jika Tabi

    Construction workers, farmers and gardeners, rickshaw-pullers, and other workmen often wear a type of tabi called jika-tabi (地下足袋 tabi that contact the ground?).
    You can buy them on our web-site here

  • Kawa

    The skin of the drumheads

  • Keyaki

    The zelkovia tree, which is native to Japan. It is used to build hight quality Taikos. This wood is more and more rare and more and more expensive.

  • Kumi

    Together, as a group, in the complementarity of each other.

  • Nagado

    Drum between 35 to 60 or 70 cm.
    Higher sizes are called O-Daiko.
    The skin is nailed to the wood body.
    Best instruments are made from a Elm tree trunk.
    - Very loud sound.

    Nadago Daiko Miyamoto Unosuke Neiro {JPEG}Nadago Daiko Miyamoto Unosuke Neiro {JPEG}Nadago Daiko Miyamoto Unosuke Exception {JPEG}Nadago Daiko Miyamoto Unosuke Exception {JPEG}

  • Obi

    Sash or belt used to hold a kimono or hanten closed.

  • Odaiko

    The Odaiko is the bigest drum of an ensemble, generally over 90cm in diametter.

  • Okedo

    The Okedo Daiko is a drum about 40 to 50 cm deep for 40 to 50 cm in diameter. It is used usually worn on the shoulder and played on both skins at once. The latter are stretched by ropes. It emits a more dull sound and with less relief than the Nagado, but allows more scenic movements

    We offer a very light one in our Online Shop and you can test and purchase in our shop in Paris 11e.

    • JPEG - 2 Mb
    • Tsukeru Okedo Daiko by Miyamoto Unosuke
    • JPEG - 1.8 Mb
    • Tsukeru Okedo Daiko by Miyamoto Unosuke
    • JPEG - 2.5 Mb
    • Tsukeru Okedo Daiko by Miyamoto Unosuke
  • Shime

    Small instrument of 30 to 40cm in diameter, shallow and adjustable in tension by ropes or fittings.
    Plays in front, standing or sitting.

    - It produces a very clear sound (comparable to a snare drum) which allows to accompany the rhythms of the instruments more serious.

    - Very used in wandering, it also serves to accompany the street dances and many traditional festivals.

    We offer different sizes of Shime Daiko in our Online Shop and you can test and purchase in our shop in Paris 11e.

  • Shinobue

    Flute traversière en bambou utilisée dans les musiques traditionelles.

    Contrairement au Shakuhachi, plus noble, le Shinobue est une flute accessible et populaire très utilisée durant les festivals d’été pour accompagner les danses de rues et dans les temples

    Nous en proposons uns sélections de belle qualité à l’essai et achat dans notre magasin parisien (41 rue Popincourt, 75011 Paris)

    Vous pouvez aussi les acheter en ligne dans notre boutique spécialisée.

    Shinobue (flute traversière japonaise) à la Boutique Tsunagari

  • Wadaiko

    Wadaiko literally means Japanese drums. Taiko only mean drums witch can be any type of drum.

    - However, outside of Japan, the word Taiko is basically used to indicate Japanese percussions.

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