Concert Taiko et danse japonaise à la Japan Expo 2012 bon odori Tokyo Concert Taiko et danse japonaise à la Japan Expo 2012 Awa Odori Tokyo Mitaka


  • Spectacle de l'école Tsunagari Taiko Center 2016
  • Tsunagari Ren, 1er groupe de Awa Odori en France
  • Concerts et spectacles de Taiko -Tambour japonais-
  • Ateliers Taiko pour tous publics
  • Tsunagari Taiko en extérieur pour Wake Up Drums, Chaine mondiale de (...)
  • Team building et animations pour entreprises

Some testimonials

It’s amazing the energy that the lessons give me. Mentally, physically and even emotionally.
This is happiness, I had to share!

I, who tired after 20 minutes of walking, I could the next day to 1 Taiko and Awa Odori workshop apply what I have learned and enchainer walking and physical activity for 4 hours non stop!
I am discovering new abilities!

I finally found an activity where I feel good overall. I feel less tense, more responsive, and the effects are very effective at work!

Planning des stages 2016 - 2015

Taiko Workshop
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Stage Taiko & Nature Est
Lieu : Près de Lyon
Awa Odori workshop
Journée portes ouvertes le 9 septembre, rentrée des cours le 19.